Specialist of ten years marketing services and outsourcing , Solve the difficulty of catching customer for enterprise, direct marketing and the difficulty of setting up marketing places , Could be cost by marketing effect .

Marketing Services Process

  • Giving Service Group

  • Giving Service Group

  • Giving Service Group

  • Giving Service Group

  • Set up meetings

  • Teaching how to do business

  • Cooperation Model

  • CPM

    cost per mille

    Cost per Mille
  • CPL

    cost per lead

    Cost per Mille
  • CPA

    cost per action

    Cost per Mille
  • CPS

    cost per sale

    Cost per Sale
  • Digital Marketing Resources

  • B point Plenty of Enterprise Data

    Own billions of Global enterprises including over forty millions of Chinese Enterprise .

    ncluding ten millions of business data.Covering all the sales resource .

    Detail of data be updated real-time to support The effect of sales.

  • C point Plus Data of Operator

    Store Data of PB Level, Over 670 thousands billions of data ,Covering all the opportunities of sales for TO C

    Do Servicing/Communication and Amusement Action for each other/ Mark of position Analyse the customer of C point .

    Debit of Cooperation for Bank / Number of Courier Data Of traveling Passenger Licence of driver data etd.

  • Marketing Services

  • Telesales

    More than one hundred clerk , 8h*6d sales by telephone/invite the customers to have Meeting/ Support the technique service etd. to do The service in the Call centre.

  • Sales by mail

    Sales effect be underestimate most: low quotation High efficiency Wide range Plus data catch the target population Exactly.

  • Sales by SMS

    Send by CMNET/ UNIWAP/ Telecommunications Send by CMNET UNIWAP Telecommunications us the support of the sale effect.

  • Sales by courier

    More than thirty trades and ten millions of enterprise’ data will give us the possible customers. And we could send the letter to the target customers directly.

  • Sales by news

    Set up the communication between the customer & the Media and the customer : High efficiency professional and Could be checking.

  • Sales by Wechat

    Everything could be saled by wechat. We will follow every procedure which be built from scratch.

  • Sales by exhibition

    Improve the inviting efficiency / Mission successful rate Including the customer high rate of “ join in the exhibition + visit effect

  • Sales by website

    Scheme the sale’s website / Design / Making / Improvement , Let your website to become a salesman no rest in 24 hours a day

  • Super Advantage

  • Website expend

  • Strong source data of B & C point

  • General Call Centre

  • Market place of SMS / EDM/DM/Wechat etd

  • Senior Service Group

  • Company’s Auditoria

  • Case Appreciation

  • Mobil ( Exxon)

  • Suning

  • SPD Bank

  • King One Golden SAP

  • Xueda Education

  • Ping An Inclusive Finance

  • State Grid

  • SAP

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